Sarah's head shave for two good causes!

Many of our pilgrims will know Sarah Pickford, the family group especially love the wonderful face painting she does for the children each year! Sarah is fundraising for a very good cause, please read her story below.

Sarah writes:

Dear Friends,

You have always known that I am slightly mad but now you have the proof that I am barmy...……………...

In June of last year a very good friend of mine, Dina was diagnosed with Bone Cancer.

Prior to diagnosis she had endured six months of recurrent chest infections and pneumonia resulting in several hospital admissions plus terrific pain due to 5 fractured vertebrae.

A week after diagnosis Dina started a six month course of Chemotherapy and is now embarking on Stem Cell treatment. Having had her Stem Cells harvested ten days ago ( They needed to harvest two million and actually got eight million in four hours.....this can take two-three days for two million!! Our Lady has been working overtime and listening to Our prayers.) she will go in on 10th February to have her Stem Cells transplanted.

Before transplantation Dina will be blasted with ultra aggressive Chemo to completely wipe out her immune system this will result in her feeling lousy but also loosing her hair.

Therefore on Wednesday 29th January I had my hair cut and sent the four plaits to the Little Princess Trust. In fact on Thursday they sent me an email saying that my four 15 inch plaits had arrived safely and that last year they had provided 1,200 FREE real hair wigs to children suffering from hair loss due to illness.

However, I didn't stop there and as well as raising awareness of this very worthy charity I decided to stand in solidarity with Dina so I have had my head shaved. I had planned to have my head shaved completely but due to my high doses of steroids I was advised against that so I am now sporting a grade 1 all over.

I am hoping to raise money to get Dina and her husband out to Lourdes with the pilgrimage in July.

If you feel that you could support me by sponsoring me that would be greatly appreciated but I will not be offended if this isn't possible.

However, whether you sponsor me or not, PLEASE could you pray for Dina and her family as she embarks on this new chapter of her treatment.

The Pilgrimage Office have set up the Just Giving page for me and will load the photographs in the next day or two. Please find the link below:


Once again Thank you very much and hope you are all well.

Much love Sarah x x x