Project Kilimanjaro 2013 raises £5040

Salvo walking

Hello Everyone,
I am now back in Crawley after a 3 hour delayed flight from Nairobi. As I'm sure you all know I was out in Tanzania to try and climb Kilimanjaro. The journey started on the 2nd October from Heathrow and on the 3rd we arrived in a hotel in Moshi a town close to Kili. 
On Friday the 4th I began my challenge/adventure to climb Kilimanjaro. I had high hopes and was really looking forward to it. The day started well and I was making good progress. We were a group of 16 age ranging from 22 to 65 (me!) as well as a leader and a doctor. 
The first day was rather long and taxing towards the end but I managed to get into camp just 25 minutes behind the young ones. The second day again started well but towards mid afternoon the message from brain to legs was short circuiting. Until I reached a point that when I was an hour away from camp my legs went completely and I was totally exhausted. I got into camp with the help of the guides. After some hot tea and warming up I decided to have a chat with the leader and doctor and we came to the conclusion that it would be better if I went down the following day especially as I personally doubted very much that I would be able to do summit night. As you can imagine I felt a bit upset but ultimately I felt that I did give it a good go.
Once again a very BIG THANK YOU to all of you. 

Salvo Xerri