Our Pilgrimage

Each year around 700 pilgrims journey to Lourdes with the Arundel & Brighton Diocesan Pilgrimage. 


How do we get there?

The Pilgrimage organises a charter flight for the Assisted Pilgrims and their helpers, plus we book seats on some scheduled flights from Heathrow and Gatwick to Toulouse, Bordeaux and Bilbao, along with coach transfers to Lourdes. Pilgrims who do not require assistance are encouraged to travel to Lourdes independently by whichever means suits them best. In the past, our pilgrims have flown, driven, taken the train and once even cycyled!

Where do we stay when we get there?

The pilgrimage is normally made up of 700 pilgrims, but when we get to Lourdes, we split up into groups of 60 or so, each group staying in one of the hotels we use around the town. Each hotel group is made up of helpers, nurses, a chaplain, an assistant chaplain, a doctor, pilgrims who require assistance, and independent pilgrims who don't require assistance. Some of the pilgrims require more specialist care or assistance than is possible in a hotel, and these people stay in a building called the Accueil Notre Dame. This is a purpose built hotel to enable the nurses and doctors, assisted by the helpers, to care for the particular needs of an assisted pilgrim 24 hours a day.


What do we do once we're there?

Each day is different, but a typical day might be;

08:00 - Breakfast in your hotel

10:00 - Mass with the whole Pilgrimage in one of the many churches

11:00 - Coffee in a café with other members of your group

12:00 - Lunch in your hotel

14:00 - Visit to the baths or trip to the town for Shopping

17:00 - Blessed Sacrament Procession (we participate as a Pilgrimage on one day)

19:00 - Dinner in your hotel

20:00 - Relax in hotel lobby /bar or trip out to a café in the town

21:00 - Torchlight Processions (we participate as a Pilgrimage on one night)

The days are full but satisfying and the group leaders of your hotel will ensure that you are able to participate as much as you want.


When I get home will I be able to keep in contact with new friends?

Often many lasting friendships are formed during the week, and when we get home the group leaders of your hotel will try to organise a hotel/accueil group reunion. The Pilgrimage organises a full reunion in September at St Wilfrid's school in Crawley which is a great opportunity to catch up and share memories of the week.