How to get involved

There are many different ways you can be involved on the pilgrimage 

Pilgrims who require assistance

If you are unwell or disabled you can apply to join the pilgrimage.  The level of help you need may vary significantly from perhaps just companionship or being pushed in a wheelchair to full nursing needs.  

Most of our pilgrims who require assistance stay with one of our hotel groups and share their pilgrimage with the helpers, chaplain, nurses, doctor and other pilgrims in that group.  

Some of our pilgrims with more specialised needs stay in The Accueil Notre Dame which is purpose built accomodation located in The Domain and are looked after by our helpers, chaplains and medical teams there.


There are many different ways in which you can help on the pilgrimage.  

Most helpers are known as Hospitalite and look after our sick pilgrims throughout the pilgrimage in varying degrees.  

We also have a number of Chaplains from around our diocese who join our groups.  

Each group has at least one Nurse and Doctor responsible for the medical needs of our pilgrims.  

In addition we have a number of people in Support Service roles who help the pilgrimage to run on a day to day basis.

You may have other additional skills which are helpful, for example being a trained first aider or physiotherapist - please include these on your application form.

Other pilgrims

Those people who do not require any assistance and wish to join the pilgrimage are called our 'Able pilgrims'.  

This group includes our independent pilgrims, relatives and friends of one of our sick pilgrims and those families with children.

You will be part of one of our hotel groups together with those pilgrims requiring assistance, their helpers, nurses and chaplains.

As there is limited space on the Charter and Scheduled Flights, we have to ask our Able pilgrims to make alternative travel arrangements to Lourdes.  Other forms of travel are detailed on the application form.

Anyone is welcome to be involved in the Music Group which is an essential part of our pilgrimage