Book of Condolence for Lady Sarah

Lady Sarah’s private funeral will take place over the coming days, so please keep her family and friends in your prayers. A Memorial Service is planned for the 28th September at 2pm in Arundel Cathedral and all our welcome. Please do come along.

In the meantime, we all felt that it would be appropriate and fitting to open an online Book of Condolence, where those of us who knew Sarah well, and wished to offer a prayer, a reflection, a memory, or a thought, could do so, knowing that her family would be heartened and comforted by what we write. 

Please do contribute to this page by filling in a comment at the bottom of the page. Lady Sarah was such a loved member of our community, and her loss will be felt deeply by so many pilgrims.



To Sarah

Dear Sarah, I can't think how to begin. You have always been the person I aspired to be like! Always so kind, so thoughtful, never putting yourself first. Your devotion to Our Lady and St Bernadette helped me on my own journey in faith. Working in the Lourdes office with you was a joy, any day you came in I knew there would be very little work done but lots of laughter! Wimbledon on the TV, dogs underfoot, lots of long phone conversations and at the end, a pilgrimage! In which every individual felt they had had your personal attention and consideration. You were never too busy to stop and chat, or to pass a titbit of gossip, or to spend every moment thinking how things could be done better next time.
Sarah, I will miss you very deeply. I was proud to know you. I hope that whenever I am feeling cross and exasperated, I will think to myself, what would Sarah say? You would be kind, and I hope I will be too. My children loved you, 'Lady with the swimming pool!'. God bless you xxx

Lady Sarah was a wonderful

Lady Sarah was a wonderful inspiration to us all on the Lourdes pilgrimage. She worked really hard preparing it all, visiting Lourdes in February, inspecting and booking the hotels, etc. May God rest her soul and bring her speedily to heaven.

Lady Sarah

My sincere condolences to the family of Lady Sarah, a great person, a tower of strength, and truly a real Lady in all senses. Sadly missed.

For the love of Sarah

Well all l can say is this very special lady made spiritual dreams come true. Ł was so lucky to be one of those pilgrims who was given such a beautiful welcome the first time ł came to lourdes. Ł was so blessed and ł will never forget how she introduced me to Cardinal cormac Murphy o Connor . Ł was on my own walking with a wonderful helper, one quiet afternoon after lunch in lourdes. We said hello to Sarah and we chatted. Then she asked me would ł like to meet a special person. Well l could not speak. As the cardinal walked towards me. Ł carry a special photograph with me always. It is of the cardinal then the bishop in lourdes. My daughter who had cancer was very ill. And there she is sitting on the cardinals shoulders while he is playing the guitar and all the children and there parents helpers and carers are singing . after greeting me ł showed him the photograph and he looked and smiled and graciously smiled and remarked " what a handsome man he was then " he made me laugh and Anne my helper and lady Sarah . He then knew my mother had died and my brother a week later. He also knew ł had mental Heath problems had had a recent breakdown that l was in a very sad place .and ł physical problems too. He then asked about Kelly ł then told him . My mum was my daughters guardian angel who brought kelly to lourdes as a last resort. Kelly was 7yrs old then. Although Kelly still has physical lifelong problems as a result of her chemo and radiotherapy and has autism and learning disabilities she is still thriving. Ł then told him that ł truly believed that the water of lourdes the love that surrounded her and prayer while in lourdes saved her life . The cardinal was absolutely a lovely gentleman to meet and ł will never forget that. If it had not been for lady Sarah that meeting with his grace would not of happened. She really was one of a kind. And a very loving lady. She phoned me when ł got home. Only to ask me back to lourdes .! That year l bought her a scarf as a thankyou and she wore it all week. She said she loved butterflies " she also said ł had a gift and one day l would use it in lourdes. Ł am very sad but ł know she is with the Angels surrounded by so much love and our Lord would of reached out to her to welcome her to heaven. Thankyou for lady Sarah and her love of our Lord and St bernadette and all the pilgrims she helped . We will miss you with much love and prayer evelyn hall x

Worked under Sarah on the

Worked under Sarah on the Lourdes Pilgrimage throughout the '90s.........such boundless energy and so humble. Was always inclined to push her team to the fore rather than accept any praise herself. A very special Lady...May she rest in peace.

What laughs !

My lasting memory of Sarah is one of laughter and of her amazing sense of the ridiculous. We teazed one another quite outrageously and in May of this year she came to a concert I gave at Slindon and we took up where we had left off : Sarah even threatening me with her stick ! She is irreplaceable in so many lives and had a special place in my own. In all of this, I realise, I am not unique ; but her special gift was to make one think that one was very special and unique. God bless you, dear Sarah: those lucky angels !

Beautiful Lady

Our sincere condolences to the whole family of Lady Sarah, A great and beautiful lady inside and out.  We were blessed to know Lady Sarah, great inspirational person always helpful with a smile.  Very compasionated to each individual person she touched,  There is no other like Lady Sarah who has given so much to so many in Lourdes and outside the church.  She will be greatly missed.


Dear family of Lady Sarah,

May the peace and comfort of God be with you always.

I sent you this perpetual mass card for Sarah as our thanksgiving to God for making her a part of our lives. Pardon me for not addressing her, “Lady Sarah”. 

When we first met that Thursday, 28 July 2011 as we took a break at Dover before boarding the ferry to Calais, I called her Lady Sarah as I heard people calling her that way. She said to me and my wife, Minnie, “No, just Sarah.”

Two days ago, 26 July 2011, a Tuesday I got talking to her on the phone through Fr John Inglis, our parish priest then. I went to Fr John for confession and the anointing of the sick as I told him that the previous week I was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 4. The doctors said I have 6 months to live. Fr John asked us if we want to go to Lourdes. We said yes.  Then and there he phoned Lady Sarah. Then and there she said welcome, yes we can accommodate you, two people backed out and donated their fares to the pilgrimage, that we have nothing to worry about.  

On the ferry, she approached us smiling and asked if all was going well with us. She even offered us pocket money to which we politely declined. She made sure that our pilgrimage was fruitful and that people made us welcome. She asked Fr Seamus Hester, our hotel chaplain to look after us and he did so very well bringing us closer to Mama Mary. 

The following year, 2012 with my whole family we came back to Lourdes. Sarah was very happy to know that while last year I was a sick pilgrim and Minnie, my personal nurse that time I was a helper together with our son, Victor, our daughter, Maria and Minnie became our hotel nurse while our youngest, Monica was a red shirt. So many blessings we have received through her!  

In Lourdes we have St Bernadette serving our Lady. In the diocese of Arundel and Brighton we have our Sarah who tirelessly and with great cheerfulness helped pilgrims to Lourdes for so many years. I am sure she is now our ambassador in heaven interceding for all of us. 

Thank you for sharing to us your beloved Sarah. Thank you Lord for blessing us with the love and friendship of this great person who showed us that in the Kingdom of God the greatest among us must be our servant. 

With our love and prayers,

Mau Navarro and family

<p>We had heard for years

We had heard for years from friends who went to Lourdes about this remarkable Lady Sarah, who knew everybody on the pilgrimage individually, and was always unstinting in her time, care and efforts for everybody.  In 2009, we joined the Pilgrimage for the first time and realised how true it all was. Seeing her in Lourdes, addressing everybody she met by name, aware of them all personally, visiting our hotel and sorting out a worry with such kindness and care......we really felt privileged to know Sarah for the remaining pilgrimages that she was able to make to Lourdes. Unique, unforgettable and inspirational, she touched so many lives and with our memories, will continue to do so.

Michael & Christine Evans

Lady Sarah

I am really sorry that I will not be able to attend Lady sarah's Memorial Service. Living in Arundal, Lady Sarah and her sisters were part of all our lives. I remeber her coming to St Phillip's School on the Queen's Silver Jubillee. However, it is herwork with the Arundel and Brighton Lourdes Pilgrimage that I got to know her. From 1983 Lourdes has been pivotal to so much of my life.Lady Sarah's ability to make time for everyone and her obvious care and compassion for all irrespective of who they were is a continued inspiration.

Her personal concern for me and my family,especially in times of difficulty and pain are so vauled.I do and will miss her as will countless others. May she meet and be with all those whom she has helped and touched in so many ways over the years who have gone before her.

Rest in peace. Our Lady and St Bernardette Pray for us all.

<p>Sarah, you really were,

Sarah, you really were, quite simply, extraordinary.  How many laughs have we had over the last 35 years? And how many times have I seen so many instances where you were able to reach others, where so many cannot, just by being you? And draw from somewhere inside the incredible  qualities of grace, giving, and humility that meant you really only cared about everyone else, and never about yourself? And that extends to not just your fellow human beings, but to the animal kingdom as well!!!!  And yet not once have I ever seen you choose the spotlight. It was just who you were.....  So glad we got to spend time together in these last couple of years. It was incredibly special being at home with you, sharing memories and laughing.  It is so so true that you were truly unique. To quote you  - "we had the best times, didn't we?".  Charlotte Burnell (Moremon)

A poem for Sarah

Sarah, a light dimmed but not extinguished.


Today a light was dimmed, but not extinguished

A light that guided so many along their Pilgrims Way

Dimmed for us but shining bright for the Angels

A light that burned in the hearts of many day after day


Today a light was dimmed, but not extinguished

A light that shone in someone’s darkness

to move them to say

Today a light was dimmed but not extinguished

We will forever remember Sarah come what may


The candle bank will swell with pride, with Love and fighting light

For today, in our darkness, the light that was dimmed but not extinguished

will forever burn so bright.